Hi, I’m Melissa Elia, aka Meli Mama. I have dedicated my life to studying the science of health and the prevention and treatment of common diseases.

I’m certified in plant-based nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies via Cornell University. I’m also a birth & postpartum doula, trained through HERBAL’s holistic program.

Though my education doesn’t end there – I have continually researched these topics for several hours per day over the past 10+ years. To say it’s my passion, is an understatement – it’s my life!

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Nutrition Education

Optimizing your lifestyle is vital to preventing and treating a host of common ailments. For instance, did you know that following a low carbohydrate diet can increase the risk of some birth defects by up to 30%? Mothers often mistakenly think they need to limit carbs to have a healthy pregnancy. This couldn’t be further from the truth – We THRIVE on healthy whole food carbs. The sugars in plants fuel every cell in our bodies, not to mention these foods are full of vital micronutrients as well. This is just one of many keys to growing a healthy, happy baby (and mama)!!

Interested in learning more? I offer a group-coaching package designed to help you achieve a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth, and baby.

The course is for you if:

  • You’re wanting to give your baby the best chance at a healthy, happy, & thriving life (including evidence-based tips to increase IQ)
  • You’re concerned about gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, cholestasis, anemia, group-b strep, thrombocytopenia, or other possible complications during pregnancy. Perhaps friends or family members have dealt with these issues, maybe you are experiencing it firsthand, went through it in a previous pregnancy – or you just want to be informed of the risks and possible causes
  • You want to look and feel your best throughout pregnancy
  • You want to reduce the odds of common pregnancy ailments such as fatigue, nausea, swelling, stretch marks, and pains – and learn prevention tips for the more serious conditions listed above
  • You want to maintain a healthy weight – not only throughout your pregnancy, but to learn healthy lifestyle changes that will benefit you for the rest of your life
  • You’d like to learn safe & effective natural fertility treatments
  • You appreciate the support of a partner or team when making major lifestyle changes
  • You’re interested in learning about environmental toxins and their effect on your hormones
  • You want a clear cut guide that feels doable for YOU

Doula Services

In addition to the course, I offer doula services for expectant parents, natural fertility guidance for mamas struggling to conceive, and full postpartum care for mamas who have recently given birth (including lactation counseling, healthy meal-prep, child care, errands, and cleaning services).

How I can support you as your doula

Customized to your needs & desires

    • Providing evidence-based information for you to make the best decisions that are right for YOU, your baby, and your birth
    • 2 prenatal visits to get to know each other, schedule blocked out to be on-call for your birth, and 2 postpartum visits (to assist with needs around the house, errands, naps – for you, food, breastfeeding support, etc)
    • 24/7 phone and email support for up to six weeks prior to birth and six weeks after
    • Childbirth education and strategies counseling
    • Evidence-based information on your choices during prenatal care, labor, and birth
    • Assistance creating a birth plan based off of the information we share
    • Educating, supporting, and guiding your partner, if desired
    • Advocating for you during your birth, reminding you and your birth team of your choices, and providing loving support – in whatever way you need during that moment
    • Helping you to cope through any difficult times, whether physically or emotionally
    • Guidance for natural birth options, if that’s your goal 
    • Healthy, predominantly plant-based meals made custom to your taste preferences (offered as an option prenatally, during labor, and postpartum)
    • Light household cleaning duties, errands, & child care so you can take better care of yourself and your newest addition
    • Placenta processing and encapsulation
    • Amateur, low-cost, maternity, birth, and fresh 48 photography
    • Vaccine safety education for informed consent

I am offering these services locally here in Fort Myers and the surrounding SWFL areas, in addition to virtual consultations and support for those outside of my zone

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“You can be confident you are in good hands with Melissa for adapting positive health practices in your daily life, because she is transparent and lead by a desire to heal.”

-Natalie Elena, Barre/Yoga Instructor & Model @earthlingnatalie

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